Tuesday, October 31

Thursday Night Lights - Join us in Fellowship with Him! (MTG 11/2 @ 9PM)

So our FCA meeting will be a random conglomeration of things yet to be decided - so consider it a surprise! Will we hear a guest speaker?! Will we watch a movie segment?!!? Will we eat homemade pie?! (yes to the last question for sure).

"It's a SURPRISE, whaaat?!!"

Thursday Night Lights
November 2nd (November already!)

9:00pm / 2100
Hall of Fame Room, Schoellkopf Fieldhouse


Sunday, October 22

Thursday Night Lights - Come see the MIKE MACKIE show!! (MTG 10/26 @ 9PM)

Thursday Night Lights
9:00PM or 2100
Hall of Fame Room, Schoellkopf

Mike Mackie

Cornell Varsity Wrestler... enjoys cookies, Christ, and country. Hails from PENNSYLVANIA!
That's Michael Joseph Mackie for you, folks...and yes, he is our speaker for this week's FCA meeting!

*As a tribute, we will be enojying one of Mike's favorite snacks following praise/worship.

Saturday, October 21

FCA T-SHIRTS and HOODED SWEATSHIRTS must be ordered by 10/23/06 (Monday)

If you would like to place an order for a FCA t-shirt or sweatshirt, e-mail mao33@cornell.edu by Monday, 10/23/06.

E-MAIL THE FOLLOWING INFO TO mao33@cornell.edu
- T-shirt or hooded sweatshirt
- Size
- Quantity



This is the translation of the verse that will appear on the back:
"Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next."

*Hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts have the same design/layout/etc.

*You will have to pay before receiving your shirt(s); t-shirts will be less than $10 and hooded sweatshirts around $20.

Don't forget to check out Bible Study!

So the FCA dudes are reading "Mere Christianity"... and the chix are reading 1 Corinthians. Probably easier for the FCA gals to jump in "late in the game" - but you are always welcome to attend Bible studies.

Time: 8:00PM Mondays
Location: 223 Baker Tower, West Campus
Contact: rbs28@cornell.edu
*Focusing on Corinthians and faithfulness of today's Christian woman.

RachAel and Jobe being entertained by cookies and milk at Women's Bible study.

Time: 8:30PM Mondays
Location: Robert Purcell Community Center, North Campus
Contact: kth24@cornell.edu
*Focusing on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and its connection to The Bible.

Sunday, October 15

Thursday Night Lights - Cornell Men's ICE HOCKEY COACH Mike Schafer (MTG 10/19 @ 9PM)

Drumroll please...

Introducing Head Coach Mike Schafer
CU Men's Ice Hockey

Coach Schafer is a 1986 Cornell Alumnus; graduated from CALS (go aggies!) He was a four-year letterman for CU, and was captain for two years. He is a native to Ontario.

And yes, Coach Schafer is the FCA guest speaker this week. Don't miss it!

Thursday Night Lights
9:00PM (2100)
Hall of Fame Room, Schoellkopf Fieldhouse


THANK YOU for joining us! The FCA Family Dinner is always a good time - a great opportunity to enjoy fine FAITH, FRIENDS, and FOOD!

Rebecca enjoying Kolby's Homemade Apple Crisp

Revive the (FCA) high five... I think they should create a t-shirt supporting a "good-game" revival. Maybe it doesn't need revived...

(Partial) Group Photo

Gabriel of North Carolina

Adrienne and Christina (Catholic chix rock)

To see more photos from the FCA family dinner... click here!


FCA Alumni and Coach Howley

(Malikie... I promised to make you famous online via various photographs of YOU. This is a good one.)

Kenny serving the salad, prepared by Hannah.

Folks, let this be an illustration of why you should come to FCA family dinners... we always have too much food... so everyone usually ends up with some to take along home!

Thank you Hannah!

If you were at FCA on Thursday, 10/12/06.... you witnessed Hannah's ability to woo a crowd with fun Alaska-raised stories. Hannah, be careful wear a wet suit while whitewater rafting!

Do not fear the lonely place... for wherever you go, God will go also. In fact, He'll probably beat you there.

Thursday, October 12

Join Team FCA - wear the colors of the cross!

To become a "card-carrying Competitor for Christ" go to SIGN THE CREED

Team FCA Competitor's Creed

I am a Christian first and last.
I am created in the likeness of
God Almighty to bring Him glory.
I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.
I wear the colors of the cross.

I am a Competitor now and forever.
I am made to strive, to strain,
to stretch and to succeed
in the arena of competition.
I am a Christian Competitor
and as such, I face my challenger
with the face of Christ.

I do not trust in myself.
I do not boast in my abilities
or believe in my own strength.
I rely solely on the power of God.
I compete for the pleasure of
my Heavenly Father, the honor of Christ
and the reputation of the Holy Spirit.

My attitude on and off
the field is above reproach -
my conduct beyond criticism.
Whether I am preparing,
practicing or playing;
I submit to God's authority
and those He has put over me.
I respect my coaches, officials,
teammates and competitors
out of respect for the Lord.

My body is the temple of Jesus Christ.
I protect it from within and without.
Nothing enters my body that
does not honor the Living God.
My sweat is an offering to my Master.
My soreness is a sacrifice to my Savior.

I give my all - all of the time.
I do not give up. I do not give in.
I do not give out. I am the Lord’s warrior -
a competitor by conviction
and a disciple of determination.
I am confident beyond reason
because my confidence lies in Christ.
The results of my efforts
must result in His glory.


Tuesday, October 10

Thursday Night Lights - YES, THERE IS FCA THIS WEEK! and it's at FRIEDMAN (MTG 10/12 @ 9PM)

Hope y'all enjoyed a very blessed fall break!

We have a very special guest speaker this week... coming all the way from Alaska... she's a recent addition to the FCA Alumni squad (graduated CU in May'06) and is especially fond of dogs. Sled dogs, that is. Can you guess who this lovely lady is?

Thursday Night Lights
9:00PM (2100)

*Keep in mind we're having an FCA family dinner this weekend - Saturday 5:30PM MOTT House. See below for more info...
PLEASE RSVP TO mao33@cornell.edu

Thursday, October 5

Family Dinner ~ Saturday Oct. 14th HOMECOMING

Join us in a celebration of faith, family, friends, and fall ...
Saturday, October 14th
203 Wyckoff Ave.
(North Campus)
We'll be enjoying "cold weather comforts" in anticipation of the typical Ithaca weather. This means homecookin', for sure.
*Many FCA alumni will be in attendance, so come visit with your old friends!
This is homecoming weekend, so head on over to the MOTT for comfort foods after the football game...GO BIG RED!
*Please RSVP to mao33@cornell.edu to let us know if you will come.
Meredith cheering on Ted and the Big Red at a 2005 football game...
Cornell FCA's very own Ted Sonnenberg (and CUFootball center)... GO BIG RED!

Wednesday, October 4

Thursday Night Lights - YES, THERE IS FCA THIS WEEK! (MTG 10/05 @ 9PM)

Howdy all... hope everyone is looking forward to a rejuvenating "fall break." :-)

FCA will take place on Thursday at its regularly scheduled time at its regularly scheduled place...

Thursday Night Lights
9:00PM (or 2100 for the ROTC crew)

Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

No speaker this week - "alternative Faith-encouraging activities" instead... be excited. And bring your Faith.