Monday, November 26

Final FCA Meeting of the Semester - Thursday 11/29

Welcome back from celebrations of turkey, faith, and family! Hope you enjoyed your time away from the rigors of academia. This week's FCA meeting (the last one of the semester) will take place at Ithaca College. Rides from Cornell to IC will be provided - no worries.

Our guest speaker is a professor and athletic trainer at IC and is - get this - a former Head Athletic Trainer for the San Francisco 49ers. (Which is super exciting even for us Steeler fans). He worked with the 49ers until 2006 - while he was with the team, his training staff was designated NFL Training Staff of the Year. Talk about ending the FCA semester with a shebang!

Guest Speaker: Toddy Lazenby

Cornellians - meet at Hall of Fame Room at 8:45PM (SHARP) to hitch a ride over to IC.

***Don't forget about the annual FCA semi-formal this Sunday - 7PM at the Mott House (203 Wyckoff Ave - click here for map). Details to follow... so fun times ahead!***

Friday, November 16



*Order by e-mailing by MIDNIGHT Friday (11/16/07)

Include size (adult sizes), style (t-shirt or long-sleeved), and quantity.

Payment due when you receive your shirt (~$8 for t-shirt and ~$10 for long-sleeved shirt)

Tuesday, November 13

Night of Prayer

Feel like you can't make enough time to pray? God doing something really fantastic in your life, and you just have to share!? Need some support from your prayer warrior chums?

Count on FCA to be there!

Thursday 11/15
9:00pm Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

Our FCA meeting this week is a night devoted to prayer. Through a special activity, you'll have the opportunity to get to know a few more of your FCA family members.

Friday, November 9

Photos from Trivia Night

Thanks for making FCA Trivia Night such a fun time!

To view photos from the event, click here!

Tuesday, November 6

Thursday Night - FCA Trivia

What has a competitive Christian spirit, more than 40 eyes, and is waiting to burst with 8971234 ounces of laughter?

It's FCA Trivia Thursday!

Thursday November 8th
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

This Thursday will be like no other Thursday before in the history of Cornell-Ithaca FCA... the night will feature a game show style of getting to know your God, your leadership team, life in general, and of course, athletics!

FYI: Bible-toting folks can consider themselves well-prepared for this activity... (i.e. you are advised to bring your Bible to FCA this Thursday!)

Saturday, November 3

Operation Christmas Child - Boxes due at Nov. 15th FCA meeting

Operation Christmas Child
is well under way with our FCA!

Members of our gang have been contributing to this special cause for several years now - help us keep the tradition going! This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your Christian compassion for others less fortunate than yourself. Team up with a partner or a small group of friends for this project - it's amazing what one old shoe box can do when put to good use!

Directions to get you started:

1. Use a shoe box, standard size...or a plastic container that is the same size as a shoe-box.
2. Choose the child you'd like to bless - Boy or Girl in one of three age categories: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14 years old
3. Fill the box with appropriate fun things and lovely gifts
4. Bring it to FCA before or on November 15th!

Check out these photos for ideas - this box was put together for a girl, aged 10-14 years.

The finished project!

Monday, October 29

One of Our Very Own - Dan DiLeo

This week's guest speaker is Mr. Dan DiLeo, passionate FCAer and member of the Cornell Catholic Community. Dan plays varsity ice hockey at Cornell as a goalie. He's Italian, loves the G.O.D. and his family, and his favorite time of the week occurs during Catholic Mass on Sunday night in Sage Chapel (according to an inside source). He's a Missouri boy, and we're glad to have him.

Thursday FCA
9:00pm Schoellkopf
Hall of Fame Room

Dan DiLeo
Cornell Class of 2008
Varsity Ice Hockey

Speaking of the Cornell Catholic Community...
Thursday is also All Saints Day - a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics.
Special Masses are held on this day (Nov. 1st) to celebrate the lives of all known and unknown Saints.
Masses will take place in Annabel Taylor Hall Chapel at 12:20Pm and 5:30pm.


Saturday, October 27

New FCA On-line Photo Albums

Most of the FCA photos taken so far this year are now posted for your viewing pleasure to our very own on-line photo check it out!

Don't worry... our in-house photographer tried to embarrass everyone equally. However, if you would like to have your picture removed from the on-line albums, just send an e-mail to

Thanks for your smiles! The pictures turned out really well!

*INTO THE STREETS photos from today are included in these albums*

FCA Into the Streets Team
We volunteered our time to help "Friends of Tompkins County Library" recycle old unwanted books. A lot of ripping and tearing occurred... much fun was had.
Thank you to all those who helped!

In other news:

Check out this recent article featuring our own Slaterville Firehouse painting crew!

Wednesday, October 24

Thursday - Eric Hause of BG

This Thursday we welcome a local youth pastor, Eric Hause of Bethel Grove Bible Church. He's joined us in the past as an FCA guest speaker, and he always brings a good message from the Lord. AND he's known for his worship skills - so if you're thirstin' for some powerful praise action - FCA is the place to be this Thursday night.

Thursday FCA with Eric Hause
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

*Go here for Eric's BG bio*

In other news/important tidbits...

- Leadership team is busy planning various fun-ness for our gang. If you're one who likes to plan well in advance, make a note of the annual FCA semi-formal (that's right, we host a fancy Christmas party) for Sunday, December 2nd.

- We are in the process of developing a new line of FCA apparel...

- Meredith has taken quite a few photos of you all this semester, (as if you hadn't noticed), and she will post the FCA photos to this site for your viewing pleasure sometime in the near future.

- The leadership team is extending an invitation to you - our beloved members - to participate as a guest speaker for an upcoming meeting. The topic is yours, providing it's one of divine inspiration... let us know what God has put on your heart!

- We will be participating in a service project in time for Christmas this year... Operation Christmas Child is something you will hear more about in the coming month. On Thursday night (10/25/07) you may choose to receive a shoebox for this project - we ask that you fill it with toys and other good things for children. The boxes are sent all over the world in time for Christmas. You will receive more info regarding the project - so keep your eyes, ears and hearts open!

Monday, October 15

Thursday 10/18/07 - Cornell Football Coach

Go Big Red! After an awesome homecoming weekend, we thought we'd invite an "inside man" to share with us the highlights of Cornell's big football wins weekend. Of course, our guest will also be sharing his thoughts about the Supreme Head Coach - the G.O.D.

Thursday 10/18/07
9:00pm Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room
Guest Speaker: Coach Carlin
Cornell Varsity Football Assistant Head Coach

Coach Carlin is the man in charge of Cornell's defensive game. He has coached at multiple schools, including both college and high school teams. He is an alum of Juniata College in Pennsylvania (AMEN?!). Click here to learn more about Coach Carlin and his coaching career.

Saturday, October 13

Homecoming - TODAY!

Rise and shine folks, it's now officially Cornell's Homecoming weekend! Sprint football kicked it off to a great start last night, beating Princeton 34-0... yes, 34-0. Our own Matt Malleo had two touchdowns! Awesome!

Just a reminder of today's festivities:

Cornell Football Game - 1:00PM Schoellkopf against Colgate

Look for Rachael on the sidelines with the cheer squad... Ted Sonnenberg is #68, Paul Ostick is #75, Tyler Lucas is #15, Drew Alston is #86 - look for our guys on the playing field! Mere will be taking yearbook photos from the field, so smile if you see her (and not just because she has a camera!)

FCA Family Dinner - 6:00PM Mott House

The Mott House is located at 203 Wyckoff Ave on the North Campus end of things... look for a white house with a Big Red front door! Anticipating a chilly day, soups will be there waiting to warm your soul! Here's a map that should help direct your hungry hearts. The house is not exactly on the corner, as the map suggests, so just go up Wyckoff a short distance and look for a white house with red door. And you're there!

Thursday, October 11

FCA Thursday - Cornell FCA Alumni as guest speaker!

In preparation for Cornell's homecoming celebration this weekend, we have invited a very special Cornell alum as our guest speaker.

Richard "Woodly" Zacek
Former Cornell football player and avid FCA goer.
Won fame and glory as one of FCA's most favored past speakers.
Now a pastor in NY state and is excited to be back in town!

So... FCA at the regular time and place - 9PM Hall of Fame Room 10/11/07

Tuesday, October 2

Homecoming 2007 and Family Dinner

Saturday October 13th 2007
Cornell v. Colgate 1:00PM

A group of FCA folks will be attending the game. Rachael will be cheering, Mere will be taking pictures, and a bunch of our guys will be in uniform on the field. We'll let you know where/when to meet up, etc. GO BIG RED!

FCA Family Dinner 6:00PM at the MOTT House

This is our first FCA family dinner of the year. These are always a hit - good food, great fellowship. We just get together as a family and enjoy a homecooked meal. Anticipating a chilly October day, the cooks will prepare an assortment of homemade soups, salads, and breads. Dessert too. Probably cider. Lots of photos and lots of fun. The event will be covered for The Ivy League Christian Observer magazine.

The Mott House is at 203 Wyckoff Avenue... just on the edge of Cornell's North Campus. Here's a map to aid you in your quest. The house is white with a big red front door.

RSVP if you are joining us for the family dinner


So we're mixing it up a little before going off for Cornell's fall break...we'll be doin' FCA campfire style this Thursday. Don't miss out. Campfire = mega good time.

Thursday October 4th
A Backyard in ye olde hamlet of Varna
8:45PM - meet at Hall of Fame Room

Transportation will be provided. So no worries. Just be at the Hall of Fame Room (usual spot) at 8:45pm and we'll load up the wagons.

*PLEASE e-mail the leadership team at to let us know if you have an exam Thursday night. There is a small posse that will be picked up at 9:30pm, after exams are over. Also, if you need to get back to campus early, no problem. Just let us know.

Directions for drivers to 981 Dryden RD:
Drive past Cornell vet school on rt. 366 / Dryden Road into the "Hamlet of Varna" and keep going past the auto shop. It's a yellow house on the right directly at the corner of Dryden Road and Mt. Pleasant/Freese Roads. We'll be about 2 miles from Cornell Click here for map!

Monday, October 1

Slaterville Firehouse Painting on 9/30/07

On Sunday afternoon, a squadron of FCA members took to the Slaterville Firehouse with rollers, brushes, a few drips, and a whole lot of fun. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and the solid teamwork was evident...we finished the job!

Oh... and Jeremy balanced a ladder on his face. An entire ladder. On his chin. See photos below.

Full House

Just wanted to point out... the FCA family is growing exponentially!

Thank you to those new members who joined us these past few weeks. It's been a real pleasure welcoming you to the gang. Please continue to come whenever you can - we're always happy to have you!

If you would like to contact Tim Hanley - our most recent guest speaker - send an e-mail to
And check out the Hard as Nails ministry -

Tuesday, September 25

TIM HANLEY this Thursday... not to be missed!

FCA this week will knock your socks off... no joke. We'll have air freshening spray ready, because we anticipate massive sock removal.

Tim Hanley is a recent Cornell alum ('06). He played football during part of his stint as a Cornellian, then decided to devote himself more fully to the One Most Holy. Tim is an avid avid avid guy - about anything. Loves life and knows he is blessed! He is connected with dozens of parishes, fellowships, ministries, friaries, you name it... AND he's a great guest speaker.

Please join us in welcoming Tim Hanley back to Cornell!

Thursday September 27th
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

PS - FCA t-shirts ($7) and hooded sweatshirts ($15) will be available for sale...make check payable to CORNELL FCA

PPS - Willie of IC called dibs on a medium t-shirt. Just so you know.

Tuesday, September 18

FCA Thursday - September 20th

Thursday Sept. 20th
9:00PM / 2100 hrs
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room
Guest Speaker: Father Robert Smith
of the Cornell Catholic Community
More commonly called "Fr. Bob"

From the Cornell Catholic Community (CCC) website:
Fr. Smith was a professor of philosophy at the Diocesan Seminary on Long Island during the 1960's. He spent 22 years at the University of the State of New York at Stony Brook, first as Catholic Chaplain and later establishing the chaplaincy program at the University Medical Center. For the last seven years at Stony Brook, he served as the founding Director of the Institute for Medicine in Contemporary Society in the School of Medicine. Before coming to Cornell, he directed a project on Long Island developing interfaith conversations about religion and contemporary culture.

From the heart of a Cornell Catholic:
Father Bob is a very gifted and blessed priest - his intellect and genuine reflections make his Sunday homilies some of the best I've ever known. He'll make you stop and think, for sure! In the words of FCA Alum (and Cornell football player) John Megaro - "If Father Bob's not droppin' it [the Homily], then I'm not catchin' it..."

In advance of Father Bob's chitchat with us FCA members,
you may want to consider the following phrase...
the glory of God is man fully alive
PS - Special home-made snack by Valerie of IC!!! Be excited!

Friday, September 14

Big Red Football - look for FCA at the game!


(Praise God - it's finally football season again!)

Saturday, September 15th
Schoellkopf Stadium
Game starts at 7:00PM
FCA at the Pre-game Tail-Gate at 6:00PM

Look for FCA members at the official Cornell tail-gate and BBQ at 6:00PM... send an e-mail to if you'd like to meet up with FCA for the tail-gate, game, or both!

Come on out to cheer for Ted, Tyler, Paul, Bryan, and the rest of our very own men in uniform... and Miss Pennsylvania Rachael will be leading the cheer squad - front row, center!

We'll C-U at the game!

Monday, September 10

Travel to the other side... this Thursday!

On Thursday night we'll be doing something a little different... seeing the world from another point of view... FCA Thursday will take place on the Ithaca College campus instead of our usual location on the Cornell campus.

We're hoping to build a bridge to encourage more IC folks to take up their swords for Christ, forge bonds and join our FCA ranks.

If you have friends over at IC,
please encourage them to join us!

Special Instructions / Good Bits of Info to Know:

We'll meet at our usual spot - Cornell's Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room - at 8:30PM to head over to IC via mass transit (i.e. Jeremy's van).

So don't worry about transportation - we've got it covered. If you feel the need to arrange a ride, just e-mail and we'll respond to your request. If you can drive yourself over (and a few others) then check out this IC campus map: ... we'll be going to room 200 in the blue building #24 on this map.

Special Guest Speaker:
the well-known
(or soon to be well-known, if you're a newbie)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday, September 4

FCA Thursday - get to know the family!

Thursday September 6th
Hall of Fame Room,
Schoellkopf Fieldhouse

Banana Splits and an FCA Family Gathering

In continuing our official 'Welcome to FCA' introduction by Coach Howley, this week you'll get a chance to learn more about members of your Leadership Team... leaders will 'strut their stuff' and give you the inside scoop on their hometowns, favorite toothpastes, and NFL teams of choice...

The FCA Leaders are here to serve YOU in honor of the One Most Holy... we're ready and waiting to be your favorite new chums, lunch dates, and tennis doubles... so come on out so we can get to know you!

Late-Night Ice Cream Sundaes - August 30th

Wednesday, August 29

Join us for a good 'ole FCA Thursday!

Many of the seniors in our FCA family have been members for the duration of their time at Cornell. So for some folks in the gang, every Thursday for more than three years has been not just a Thursday... it's been an FCA THURSDAY.

Rise from your bed in the morning... recall that Wednesday has passed and Friday is just around the corner - and put on your game face. After all is said and done, today WILL be a good day... it's the principle of the thing. Today you will laugh with some of the most memorable people of your college career. Today you will smile to greet Jeremy Walck in his ninja shoes. Today you will shake Coach Howley's super-motivated hand, and today you will grace your body with a shipping-label-turned-creative-nametag. Today is an FCA Thursday.

Join us for the first regular meeting of the year... come old, come new - join the family!
Thursday August 30th
Hall of Fame Room,
Schoellkopf Football Fieldhouse

Guest Speaker: Coach Tom Howley,
Cornell Athletics Strength and Conditioning Coach and official FCA Papa Bear

Sunday, August 26

Welcome back to FCA at Cornell!

Here we go again, far above Cayuga's waters...
Here's your official welcome back to Ithaca, Cornell, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes!

We hope your transition from home/vacation/rockin' internship/military excursion was a smooth one, and that you're getting geared up for another great year!

FCA Thursdays - 9:00PM
Hall of Fame Room at Schoellkopf

(Same time, same place for those who are returning... if you're new, see the side link for map!)

After the recent Inter-Fellowship Fair and Clubfest we've already added a few new members to the gang and met up with our returning family members. Let the FCA Thursdays begin!

Photos from Inter-Fellowship Fair and Clubfest:

Thursday, August 9

FCA Website Make-Over

Just a word to let you know that we will be introducing a new, slightly modified version of the FCA website to kick off the new school year. Our techinical support team is working to make our site more user-friendly.

So please check back for announcements, new features, fun photos, etc!

Saturday, July 28

Three Weeks to Cornell

Happy summer!

Are you sunburned? Exhausted from working two summer jobs? Bored with a internship? Desperately missing your FCA family?! Or just in need of a good pick-me-up?

...then open The Good Book

and look forward to a stellar year with Cornell-Ithaca FCA!

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28

Three more weeks and we'll all be back in Ithaca. See you soon, folks.

Friday, May 18

ALUMNI - we want you!

If you're an alumnus of the Cornell - Ithaca College FCA... read on!

No matter how many years you've been out in the real world - we want to get your contact information!

We'd appreciate you sending an e-mail to with your permanent postal address (your e-mail address will already be provided in the 'From' area - nifty, eh?)

*All contact information will remain private and will be used only to arrange an FCA Alumni Database for our records. We'd love to be able to stay in touch with you in the future - so please write to us!

Thank you!

Monday, May 14

Happy summer!

Exams are almost complete -
and summer is almost here!

(Can I get an Amen? AMEN!)

CU later!

May the Lord bless you with joy this summer... have a wonderful break. If you need to get in touch with the Leadership Team (prayer requests, FCA info, 'hello', etc) just e-mail

Friday, May 11

Pictures from FCA Picnic 2007

Click here for more photos from the recent FCA picnic.

Here are a few highlights...

Our dear Jeremy Walck can balance ANYTHING on his face. Unreal.