Wednesday, August 29

Join us for a good 'ole FCA Thursday!

Many of the seniors in our FCA family have been members for the duration of their time at Cornell. So for some folks in the gang, every Thursday for more than three years has been not just a Thursday... it's been an FCA THURSDAY.

Rise from your bed in the morning... recall that Wednesday has passed and Friday is just around the corner - and put on your game face. After all is said and done, today WILL be a good day... it's the principle of the thing. Today you will laugh with some of the most memorable people of your college career. Today you will smile to greet Jeremy Walck in his ninja shoes. Today you will shake Coach Howley's super-motivated hand, and today you will grace your body with a shipping-label-turned-creative-nametag. Today is an FCA Thursday.

Join us for the first regular meeting of the year... come old, come new - join the family!
Thursday August 30th
Hall of Fame Room,
Schoellkopf Football Fieldhouse

Guest Speaker: Coach Tom Howley,
Cornell Athletics Strength and Conditioning Coach and official FCA Papa Bear

Sunday, August 26

Welcome back to FCA at Cornell!

Here we go again, far above Cayuga's waters...
Here's your official welcome back to Ithaca, Cornell, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes!

We hope your transition from home/vacation/rockin' internship/military excursion was a smooth one, and that you're getting geared up for another great year!

FCA Thursdays - 9:00PM
Hall of Fame Room at Schoellkopf

(Same time, same place for those who are returning... if you're new, see the side link for map!)

After the recent Inter-Fellowship Fair and Clubfest we've already added a few new members to the gang and met up with our returning family members. Let the FCA Thursdays begin!

Photos from Inter-Fellowship Fair and Clubfest:

Thursday, August 9

FCA Website Make-Over

Just a word to let you know that we will be introducing a new, slightly modified version of the FCA website to kick off the new school year. Our techinical support team is working to make our site more user-friendly.

So please check back for announcements, new features, fun photos, etc!