Monday, October 29

One of Our Very Own - Dan DiLeo

This week's guest speaker is Mr. Dan DiLeo, passionate FCAer and member of the Cornell Catholic Community. Dan plays varsity ice hockey at Cornell as a goalie. He's Italian, loves the G.O.D. and his family, and his favorite time of the week occurs during Catholic Mass on Sunday night in Sage Chapel (according to an inside source). He's a Missouri boy, and we're glad to have him.

Thursday FCA
9:00pm Schoellkopf
Hall of Fame Room

Dan DiLeo
Cornell Class of 2008
Varsity Ice Hockey

Speaking of the Cornell Catholic Community...
Thursday is also All Saints Day - a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics.
Special Masses are held on this day (Nov. 1st) to celebrate the lives of all known and unknown Saints.
Masses will take place in Annabel Taylor Hall Chapel at 12:20Pm and 5:30pm.


Saturday, October 27

New FCA On-line Photo Albums

Most of the FCA photos taken so far this year are now posted for your viewing pleasure to our very own on-line photo check it out!

Don't worry... our in-house photographer tried to embarrass everyone equally. However, if you would like to have your picture removed from the on-line albums, just send an e-mail to

Thanks for your smiles! The pictures turned out really well!

*INTO THE STREETS photos from today are included in these albums*

FCA Into the Streets Team
We volunteered our time to help "Friends of Tompkins County Library" recycle old unwanted books. A lot of ripping and tearing occurred... much fun was had.
Thank you to all those who helped!

In other news:

Check out this recent article featuring our own Slaterville Firehouse painting crew!

Wednesday, October 24

Thursday - Eric Hause of BG

This Thursday we welcome a local youth pastor, Eric Hause of Bethel Grove Bible Church. He's joined us in the past as an FCA guest speaker, and he always brings a good message from the Lord. AND he's known for his worship skills - so if you're thirstin' for some powerful praise action - FCA is the place to be this Thursday night.

Thursday FCA with Eric Hause
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

*Go here for Eric's BG bio*

In other news/important tidbits...

- Leadership team is busy planning various fun-ness for our gang. If you're one who likes to plan well in advance, make a note of the annual FCA semi-formal (that's right, we host a fancy Christmas party) for Sunday, December 2nd.

- We are in the process of developing a new line of FCA apparel...

- Meredith has taken quite a few photos of you all this semester, (as if you hadn't noticed), and she will post the FCA photos to this site for your viewing pleasure sometime in the near future.

- The leadership team is extending an invitation to you - our beloved members - to participate as a guest speaker for an upcoming meeting. The topic is yours, providing it's one of divine inspiration... let us know what God has put on your heart!

- We will be participating in a service project in time for Christmas this year... Operation Christmas Child is something you will hear more about in the coming month. On Thursday night (10/25/07) you may choose to receive a shoebox for this project - we ask that you fill it with toys and other good things for children. The boxes are sent all over the world in time for Christmas. You will receive more info regarding the project - so keep your eyes, ears and hearts open!

Monday, October 15

Thursday 10/18/07 - Cornell Football Coach

Go Big Red! After an awesome homecoming weekend, we thought we'd invite an "inside man" to share with us the highlights of Cornell's big football wins weekend. Of course, our guest will also be sharing his thoughts about the Supreme Head Coach - the G.O.D.

Thursday 10/18/07
9:00pm Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room
Guest Speaker: Coach Carlin
Cornell Varsity Football Assistant Head Coach

Coach Carlin is the man in charge of Cornell's defensive game. He has coached at multiple schools, including both college and high school teams. He is an alum of Juniata College in Pennsylvania (AMEN?!). Click here to learn more about Coach Carlin and his coaching career.

Saturday, October 13

Homecoming - TODAY!

Rise and shine folks, it's now officially Cornell's Homecoming weekend! Sprint football kicked it off to a great start last night, beating Princeton 34-0... yes, 34-0. Our own Matt Malleo had two touchdowns! Awesome!

Just a reminder of today's festivities:

Cornell Football Game - 1:00PM Schoellkopf against Colgate

Look for Rachael on the sidelines with the cheer squad... Ted Sonnenberg is #68, Paul Ostick is #75, Tyler Lucas is #15, Drew Alston is #86 - look for our guys on the playing field! Mere will be taking yearbook photos from the field, so smile if you see her (and not just because she has a camera!)

FCA Family Dinner - 6:00PM Mott House

The Mott House is located at 203 Wyckoff Ave on the North Campus end of things... look for a white house with a Big Red front door! Anticipating a chilly day, soups will be there waiting to warm your soul! Here's a map that should help direct your hungry hearts. The house is not exactly on the corner, as the map suggests, so just go up Wyckoff a short distance and look for a white house with red door. And you're there!

Thursday, October 11

FCA Thursday - Cornell FCA Alumni as guest speaker!

In preparation for Cornell's homecoming celebration this weekend, we have invited a very special Cornell alum as our guest speaker.

Richard "Woodly" Zacek
Former Cornell football player and avid FCA goer.
Won fame and glory as one of FCA's most favored past speakers.
Now a pastor in NY state and is excited to be back in town!

So... FCA at the regular time and place - 9PM Hall of Fame Room 10/11/07

Tuesday, October 2

Homecoming 2007 and Family Dinner

Saturday October 13th 2007
Cornell v. Colgate 1:00PM

A group of FCA folks will be attending the game. Rachael will be cheering, Mere will be taking pictures, and a bunch of our guys will be in uniform on the field. We'll let you know where/when to meet up, etc. GO BIG RED!

FCA Family Dinner 6:00PM at the MOTT House

This is our first FCA family dinner of the year. These are always a hit - good food, great fellowship. We just get together as a family and enjoy a homecooked meal. Anticipating a chilly October day, the cooks will prepare an assortment of homemade soups, salads, and breads. Dessert too. Probably cider. Lots of photos and lots of fun. The event will be covered for The Ivy League Christian Observer magazine.

The Mott House is at 203 Wyckoff Avenue... just on the edge of Cornell's North Campus. Here's a map to aid you in your quest. The house is white with a big red front door.

RSVP if you are joining us for the family dinner


So we're mixing it up a little before going off for Cornell's fall break...we'll be doin' FCA campfire style this Thursday. Don't miss out. Campfire = mega good time.

Thursday October 4th
A Backyard in ye olde hamlet of Varna
8:45PM - meet at Hall of Fame Room

Transportation will be provided. So no worries. Just be at the Hall of Fame Room (usual spot) at 8:45pm and we'll load up the wagons.

*PLEASE e-mail the leadership team at to let us know if you have an exam Thursday night. There is a small posse that will be picked up at 9:30pm, after exams are over. Also, if you need to get back to campus early, no problem. Just let us know.

Directions for drivers to 981 Dryden RD:
Drive past Cornell vet school on rt. 366 / Dryden Road into the "Hamlet of Varna" and keep going past the auto shop. It's a yellow house on the right directly at the corner of Dryden Road and Mt. Pleasant/Freese Roads. We'll be about 2 miles from Cornell Click here for map!

Monday, October 1

Slaterville Firehouse Painting on 9/30/07

On Sunday afternoon, a squadron of FCA members took to the Slaterville Firehouse with rollers, brushes, a few drips, and a whole lot of fun. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and the solid teamwork was evident...we finished the job!

Oh... and Jeremy balanced a ladder on his face. An entire ladder. On his chin. See photos below.

Full House

Just wanted to point out... the FCA family is growing exponentially!

Thank you to those new members who joined us these past few weeks. It's been a real pleasure welcoming you to the gang. Please continue to come whenever you can - we're always happy to have you!

If you would like to contact Tim Hanley - our most recent guest speaker - send an e-mail to
And check out the Hard as Nails ministry -