Tuesday, September 25

TIM HANLEY this Thursday... not to be missed!

FCA this week will knock your socks off... no joke. We'll have air freshening spray ready, because we anticipate massive sock removal.

Tim Hanley is a recent Cornell alum ('06). He played football during part of his stint as a Cornellian, then decided to devote himself more fully to the One Most Holy. Tim is an avid avid avid guy - about anything. Loves life and knows he is blessed! He is connected with dozens of parishes, fellowships, ministries, friaries, you name it... AND he's a great guest speaker.

Please join us in welcoming Tim Hanley back to Cornell!

Thursday September 27th
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room

PS - FCA t-shirts ($7) and hooded sweatshirts ($15) will be available for sale...make check payable to CORNELL FCA

PPS - Willie of IC called dibs on a medium t-shirt. Just so you know.

Tuesday, September 18

FCA Thursday - September 20th

Thursday Sept. 20th
9:00PM / 2100 hrs
Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room
Guest Speaker: Father Robert Smith
of the Cornell Catholic Community
More commonly called "Fr. Bob"

From the Cornell Catholic Community (CCC) website:
Fr. Smith was a professor of philosophy at the Diocesan Seminary on Long Island during the 1960's. He spent 22 years at the University of the State of New York at Stony Brook, first as Catholic Chaplain and later establishing the chaplaincy program at the University Medical Center. For the last seven years at Stony Brook, he served as the founding Director of the Institute for Medicine in Contemporary Society in the School of Medicine. Before coming to Cornell, he directed a project on Long Island developing interfaith conversations about religion and contemporary culture.

From the heart of a Cornell Catholic:
Father Bob is a very gifted and blessed priest - his intellect and genuine reflections make his Sunday homilies some of the best I've ever known. He'll make you stop and think, for sure! In the words of FCA Alum (and Cornell football player) John Megaro - "If Father Bob's not droppin' it [the Homily], then I'm not catchin' it..."

In advance of Father Bob's chitchat with us FCA members,
you may want to consider the following phrase...
the glory of God is man fully alive
PS - Special home-made snack by Valerie of IC!!! Be excited!

Friday, September 14

Big Red Football - look for FCA at the game!


(Praise God - it's finally football season again!)

Saturday, September 15th
Schoellkopf Stadium
Game starts at 7:00PM
FCA at the Pre-game Tail-Gate at 6:00PM

Look for FCA members at the official Cornell tail-gate and BBQ at 6:00PM... send an e-mail to mao33@cornell.edu if you'd like to meet up with FCA for the tail-gate, game, or both!

Come on out to cheer for Ted, Tyler, Paul, Bryan, and the rest of our very own men in uniform... and Miss Pennsylvania Rachael will be leading the cheer squad - front row, center!

We'll C-U at the game!

Monday, September 10

Travel to the other side... this Thursday!

On Thursday night we'll be doing something a little different... seeing the world from another point of view... FCA Thursday will take place on the Ithaca College campus instead of our usual location on the Cornell campus.

We're hoping to build a bridge to encourage more IC folks to take up their swords for Christ, forge bonds and join our FCA ranks.

If you have friends over at IC,
please encourage them to join us!

Special Instructions / Good Bits of Info to Know:

We'll meet at our usual spot - Cornell's Schoellkopf Hall of Fame Room - at 8:30PM to head over to IC via mass transit (i.e. Jeremy's van).

So don't worry about transportation - we've got it covered. If you feel the need to arrange a ride, just e-mail cornellithacafca@gmail.com and we'll respond to your request. If you can drive yourself over (and a few others) then check out this IC campus map: http://www.ithaca.edu/map/ ... we'll be going to room 200 in the blue building #24 on this map.

Special Guest Speaker:
the well-known
(or soon to be well-known, if you're a newbie)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday, September 4

FCA Thursday - get to know the family!

Thursday September 6th
Hall of Fame Room,
Schoellkopf Fieldhouse

Banana Splits and an FCA Family Gathering

In continuing our official 'Welcome to FCA' introduction by Coach Howley, this week you'll get a chance to learn more about members of your Leadership Team... leaders will 'strut their stuff' and give you the inside scoop on their hometowns, favorite toothpastes, and NFL teams of choice...

The FCA Leaders are here to serve YOU in honor of the One Most Holy... we're ready and waiting to be your favorite new chums, lunch dates, and tennis doubles... so come on out so we can get to know you!

Late-Night Ice Cream Sundaes - August 30th