Thursday, March 13

Meeting - Thursday March 13th

Thursday March 13th
Hall of Fame Room
Guest Speaker: YOU!

This meeting is an opportunity to catch up with one another... find out what God's been doin' in our lives. Some have experienced struggles in the last two months, some have witnessed mini-miracles... and for some, maybe both! We want to know how you're doing, so please join us in this night devoted to faith, personal reflection and friendship. Even if this will be your first FCA - come get to know the family!

Sunday, March 2

Join our Relay for Life team!

Even if you signed up at an FCA meeting, you MUST still register on-line...

Date: *Saturday, March 29th* (weekend after Easter and Cornell's spring
Start Time: 7:00pm Saturday
End Time: 7:00am Sunday, March 30th (it's an all-nighter!)
Location: Barton Hall, Cornell campus
(Note - this is a combined Ithaca College/Cornell event)

To join, go here and register (YOU MUST REGISTER ON-LINE):

Select "Join Team" under the Sign-Up section and look for "The Cornell
Faithful"... follow directions provided on the site.
REGISTER ASAP - costs $10 before March 14th, then fee increases to $20.

Special team shirts will cost about $10 each.
Also, let her know if you would like to help organize/lead the team!