Wednesday, November 19

Take a study break!

Welcome back! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving break and you are ready to finish the semester strong. Mark your calendars, because there are several fun FCA events that will take place this week.

This Thursday, we will be watching a thought-provoking short DVD. Afterwards we will have small groups to discuss the DVD and pray for one another as the semester ends and exams begin.

This Sunday, Decemeber 7, the FCA Formal will be held in the Mott House at 6:30 pm. Remember to bring a White Elephant gift and silly slippers or socks. Dress is formal. Bring your dancing socks and be prepared to have some fun!

Lastly, Kolby Hoover will be coming in from Washington this Friday! If you don't know Kolby, he is someone you will definitely want to get to know. Be sure to contact him or catch him at Midnight League and the FCA Formal!

God bless,
The Leadership Team

Thursday, November 6

This Thursday...

Put the books down and come hear Eric Hause speak at FCA this Thursday! Eric is the youth pastor for Bethel Grove Bible church, just down the road from Cornell. He went to Denver Seminary where he played college Basketball. Today he uses his seminary and basketball skills to keep up with the curious and energetic youth of Bethel Grove. Be sure to be there for a great time and to gain some insight into how God is working in Eric's life.

Additionally, Cornell-Ithaca FCA shirts and sweaters will be coming out soon! Be sure to e-mail us if you can't make it to the meeting tonight to sign up. The shirts are a must have for any avid FCA member.

Lastly, the FCA Formal is on Dec 7 around 6:30 at the Mott House. Be ready for tasty holiday treats and festive dancing.

Hope to see you soon.
God bless,
The Leadership Team