Tuesday, October 28

This Thursday...

This Thursday Dan DiLeo will speak about the life of a Christian athlete and the role God has played in his hockey career. Dan DiLeo has been a long time FCA member and leader, and plays goalie for the Cornell Ice Hockey team as number 31. He has an amazing background, a lot of passion, and a great sense of humor. Come this Thursday to hear an encouraging message about how God is working in Dan's life.

Additionally, FCA lunch will be held in the Statler at 12-2 pm Wednesday. It is a great time to get to know your fellow FCA members outside of the weekly meetings.

Lastly, Midnight League will be held early this week at 10 pm. Bring your friends and bundle up to brave the cold. It is sure to be a fun time!

As always, please pray for this week.
God bless,
The Leadership Team

Wednesday, October 22

What matters most...

When things get hectic, it is important to remember the things in life that matter the most. The relationships that we have are what will keep us going from exam to exam, lecture to lecture, practice to practice, and ultimately from day to day.

This Thursday come to FCA and get to know some great people. This week we will be pondering some questions in an effort to get to know each other better. Bring a friend or come prepared to make some new ones!

We hope to see you there! As always, God bless.

Wednesday, October 15

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back from Fall Break Cornell FCAers! As for Ithaca FCAers, you are almost there! 

Regardless, we hope you are looking forward to this Thursday's speaker, Pastor Mike. Pastor Mike teaches at Agape Bible Church here in Ithaca and has his Sunday morning sermons televised to reach those in their homes who are seeking God or cannot come to church for other reasons. He is known for his amazing testimonies and his Brooklyn accent. Be there for a spirit filled time and a powerful message! We hope to see you there!  

Additionally, remember to submit designs for the Cornell-Ithaca FCA t-shirts and sweaters. The deadline is quickly approaching, Oct. 22nd. 

God bless,                         
The Leadership Team 

Tuesday, October 7

FCA Bonfire!

Celebrate the beginning of Fall Break with an FCA Bonfire this Thursday at 9:00 pm. Be there for s'mores, good company, and man-muffins made by James Noronha! 

The bonfire will be at 1344 Ellis Hollow Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850. There will be transportation provided for those without cars from Friends Hall of Fame at 8:40 pm, with a late train leaving at 9:15-20 pm. Be sure to contact the leadership team if you think you might be later than that and would still like to come! 

Additionally, there will be no Bible Studies this weekend due to the Cornell recess. Midnight League will still occur, contact Alec and Willie for details. 

Pray for a fun time! Hope to see you there.