Friday, May 18

ALUMNI - we want you!

If you're an alumnus of the Cornell - Ithaca College FCA... read on!

No matter how many years you've been out in the real world - we want to get your contact information!

We'd appreciate you sending an e-mail to with your permanent postal address (your e-mail address will already be provided in the 'From' area - nifty, eh?)

*All contact information will remain private and will be used only to arrange an FCA Alumni Database for our records. We'd love to be able to stay in touch with you in the future - so please write to us!

Thank you!

Monday, May 14

Happy summer!

Exams are almost complete -
and summer is almost here!

(Can I get an Amen? AMEN!)

CU later!

May the Lord bless you with joy this summer... have a wonderful break. If you need to get in touch with the Leadership Team (prayer requests, FCA info, 'hello', etc) just e-mail

Friday, May 11

Pictures from FCA Picnic 2007

Click here for more photos from the recent FCA picnic.

Here are a few highlights...

Our dear Jeremy Walck can balance ANYTHING on his face. Unreal.

Sunday, May 6


Join your FCA family for an end of year PICNIC!

Stewart Park
(map to park)

Monday May 7th

Folks will arrive at NOON and food will be served beginning at 1:00PM.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes - we'll be playing various traditional picnic games (i.e. whiffle ball). Food will be provided, but please feel free to bring a dish to share!
FYI - Special PIES FROM PENNSYLVANIA will be in attendance.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 1


Celebrate our FCA seniors!

Thursday 9:00PM
Schoelkopf Hall of Fame Room

Guest Speakers: All FCA seniors wanting to share!

*SENIORS - Check with for details.

You may decide to come just to witness Guest Performances in the Krazy Kazoo Koncert.

Or for the homemade snacks.

Seriously - regarding both kazoos and homemade.

SAVE THE DATE: Monday, May 7th 1PM FCA potluck picnic.